Ground Equipment Services

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Aircraft and Ground Equipment Service

We repair and maintain aircraft and ground equipment. We offer full service, customized maintenance programs, including parts inventory, and pre-draw of all parts needed for Preventative Maintenance checks. Clients can set up PMC time by hours or by date.

Organized Work Schedule.
Timely Repairs
Maintainance Service
Parts Service
Safety and Fluid Checks.
Enviromental and OSHA compliance
Maintenance History Records

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Maintenance and Maintenance Scheduling

We schedule regular Preventative Maintenance Checks, pre-draw any parts we may need, perform the check, perform the maintenance, and update the service records. You can be confident that we will keep your essential equipment working like it's supposed to.

Our team of professional maintenance personnel can assist your company by setting up maintenance tracking programs to forecast critical component inspection time cycles on your equipment or aircraft fleet.We can also assist you in tracking and updating service records and historical logbook records, or compliance with SB's (service bulletins) SOF (Safety of Flight) issues, and TB's (technical bulletins).

We offer customized full service maintenance programs which can include:

*Preventative Maintenance Checks scheduled by date or hours.
*Dependable Discrepancy reporting system
*Component Tracking
*Parts Pre-draw for preventative maintenance checks
*Parts ordering, purchasing, receiving, and installation
*Logbook entries, Maintenance Releases
*Flight Turnarounds and Pushbacks
*Data Entries, Filing systems
*Unit History Records and reports